“You do it, because you like to do it, you don’t do it for the money”, Fabian Baier tells about his life as Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Wingder. “Everyone is an entrepreneur, everyone is an innovator, you can be … Continued

See the full article on StartupDope. How does Wingder help you? Wingder facilitates communication between people with similar interests. It helps you foster your social relations with your existing friends – by selecting a Wingman/Wingwoman – to find new people … Continued

1. Be punctual Lets be honest. No one likes to wait. So if you’re going to be more than 15 minutes late, let your date know via a text. Its just common courtesy, but if you’re trying to be “fashionably” … Continued

Wingder brings people together on double dates for social meetups. Matching groups of 4 folks is our business, and we are damn good at it! We have created this awesome social experience for you and your friends to see whats … Continued