“You do it, because you like to do it, you don’t do it for the money”, Fabian Baier tells about his life as Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Wingder. “Everyone is an entrepreneur, everyone is an innovator, you can be an entrepreneur, an innovator as well, it doesn’t matter what your background is”, he thinks.

It is now almost 4 months since I was driving down the roads of Lake Tahoe back to San Francisco. I was staying there over the weekend with my good friend Dominik Schubert who visitted me from Germany. We had a great talk about what could make meeting people in the Mobile Internet more social. Especially as a Power User of Tinder and with over 1700 matches I felt like they were on something, but yet the certain something was missing. Wasting daily time on Tinder by literally short messaging new matches “Hi, how are you”, “good”, “how was your day”, “good” I knew though I am a social guy somehow everyone around me was not even bothering to have a normal converstion like the one you would have in a bar or a club. It almost looked like people became exchangable, commodities of their own, always searching for the next something and behaving like there would be no moral certainty. And then, there it was, the idea that would take most of my time and money for the next 4 months. How about if we add a component to the simplicity in seeing the Mobile Internet around you, how about if this component is designed to make it even better, faster and more social. How about if we are shifting from a egocentric to an allocentric way of meeting new people. That is Wingder.

Being an entrepreneur is everything, but easy. So I feel every day tremendously blessed to design great products, great ideas and to work with great people. I want to deeply thank everyone who is supporting my team, Wingder and me in our endeavor of making the Mobile Internet a better place!