“A location-based social discovery app that facilitates communication between mutually interested groups”

Wingder brings people together on double dates for social meetups. Matching groups of 4 folks is our business, and we are damn good at it!

We have created this awesome social experience for you and your friends to see whats out there but do so with your BFF! Wingder takes the online “dating” experience to the next level! So what makes WINGDER different? What makes us so unique when it comes to online dating? Why is double dating the answer?


The short answer:

WINGDER makes the experience more social – as simple as that. Think of your normal go to person, we are just incorporating them into the experience and making it a win-win for you both. People in general like to have a sense of belonging, our social structures are comprised of communities, whether it be families, friends or people with similar interests. This is where WINGDER comes in. We take this structure and have incorporated it into our own online dating app.



We, the people behind WINGDER, know from personal experience how difficult it has been to convert online conversations to in-person dates, sometimes it takes a while or for the most part its just a strange experience to meet someone one on one when you don’t know them that well. WINGDER eliminates this awkwardness, since your WINGMAN or WINGWOMAN is someone you already know!

How it works: 2+ 2 = 4

So you open the app, select your wingman or wingwoman, from your friendslist, and then you are matched with your friend. Instead of having your own profile that gets displayed to other users, you and your wingpal have a joint profile. This profile can be swiped right (like) or left (dislike) by other users who also have a joint profile. If all parties swipe right, you have a match and a group chat appears.


The charming thing about our app is that its NOT limited to online dating. It goes beyond that and you can find friends or other couples with similar interests. For example, even if you are married and have a child you can select your wife as your wingpal and meet just mutual couples to socialize or you can find people to match for a tennis double…the options are endless and we leave it open to YOU as to how you want to use it and for what you use it for!


Holla Back!